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6 Top Reasons to Explore Western Sydney on the Weekend

There’s no reason to spend your weekends at home feeling bored with nothing to do. In Sydney’s West, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained and loads of places you can explore. Why stay home when a whole world of fun and entertainment awaits?

While it would fill a book writing about everything you can see and do in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, for the sake of this article, let’s highlight just a few ideas to get you started.

#1 – Enjoy the Sunshine and Fresh Air in the Park

Which park? That’s a great question. The good news is that there are so many different parks you can choose from in Western Sydney; from small local parks, the Botanic Gardens in Auburn and even full-blown nature reserves.

You could simply chill out under the shade of a tree, organise a family picnic or BBQ, or get some exercise hiking through one of the nature reserves. Many parks are also bicycle-friendly, so if you don’t fancy walking, take a leisurely bike ride among nature.

With a park of some description in just about every suburb, why not take advantage and switch off for a while in a relaxing environment?

#2 – Social Clubs Are Everywhere

If you’re looking for any type of social club in Sydney, the West is the place to be. Whether it be a Lidcombe social club, a social and entertainment club or a social and leisure club, the Western Suburbs has it all.

Social and entertainment venues provide live entertainment, fantastic dining options, as well as hosting special events and celebrations. Social and leisure clubs provide a way for people who share a common hobby or interest to get together for regular meetups.

If the plan for the weekend is to socialise, then joining a social club is a great idea.

#3 – The Cafe Scene is Thriving

Aussies love a good cup of coffee, which has led to a thriving cafe industry in the country. Nowhere is this more evident than in Sydney’s West. No matter what suburb you visit, you’re sure to find numerous cafes to enjoy your favourite beverage or a delicious snack.

If you love people watching, then hanging out in a cafe is the perfect venue to do just that. The Parramatta district has loads of cafes along its main streets, many with relaxed outdoor seating available.

Take a break, grab a coffee and relax in a Western Sydney cafe to kill an hour or so.

#4 – Experience the Thrills of Go Karting

There are a number of go karting venues in Sydney’s West and they are all great places to meet up with friends or family for thrills and fun. Even if you just want to be a spectator, you’ll still have a great time.

While it’s an obvious adrenalin rush, go karting is also very safe. Compete against others with complete confidence as you strive to be the first one across the finish line.

#5 – Enjoy the Nightlife

If you’re looking for vibrant nightlife over the weekend, then you’ll be spoilt for choice in Western Sydney. Once again, the Parramatta district offers up a fine selection of trendy bars and nightclubs. However, you’ll find nightlife to your liking in just about every suburb out West.

If bars and clubs are not your thing, there are other ways to entertain yourself during the evening hours. You could take in a movie at the cinema, enjoy a show at the Riverside Theatres, go tenpin bowling, explore the night markets or find some bargains during late night shopping.

#6 – A Foodie’s Paradise

Going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner is always a pleasurable experience and in Sydney’s West, your dining options are virtually unlimited. You can choose cuisine from all around the world, whether you fancy some Thai food, Mexican, Lebanese, Korean and everything else you can think of.

There are also loads of takeaway food places to choose from as well, if you’re not up for a restaurant meal.

The Takeaway

This article has highlighted just 6 ways you can fill up your weekends while exploring everything Western Sydney has to offer. Day or night, there is always something fun and exciting to do out West.

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